January 28, 2022
storage bedroom

Comfortable Bedroom for Small House

Having a storage area that can accommodate all the collectibles in your bedroom is a challenge. However, did you ever consider the use of the bottom or under your bed?
small bedroom
But, on the other hand, if it considers storing items under the bed will only accumulate dust, you should think again. Here are some tips on choosing the storage under the bed neat and unsightly:

built in

storage bedroom

First of all, if you want safely hidden from the eyes, choose a bed that has storage or built-in cabinets in it. Additional beds are ideal for small house. In addition, this kind of bed is also suitable for those who share a room with someone else.

level stage

Second, you can elevate your bed for more storage space. Do not be afraid to create a “level stage” for your own bed. Although it requires a ladder to reach the bed, you can store clothes, knick-knacks, collectibles or toys in it.

Third, make sure you regularly make a neat, clean up, and sort the items that no longer you needed. Make sure the items you want to keep neat and orderly.


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