January 28, 2022
park inside house

Create Creative Garden inside the house

Is your home does not have enough land to cultivate? If so, then you are certainly difficulties in cultivated. But this can be circumvented.

There are many benefits of having plants in the garden or in the house. One of the benefits is to give beauty. Here are some plants that you can plant

hanging plants

To grow plants indoors, you can try to hang your plants. You can use a unique pot by planting orchids. You can use the pot upside down for growing orchids. Make sure the pot you put in place the sunshine

park inside house


You can use the vines to accentuate the beauty and green in your home


Vegetables in a bottle

The main goal is not to cultivate, but it gives the feel of green to your home. You can insert  vegetables with bright colors, such as radishes and carrots in a glass bottle in the water content. In order to get vegetables look fresh longer, you can add a little sugar


With some plants tips above, your room design will appears green and natural

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