Vintage Bedroom with Color Scheme and Antique Decoration

If you are bored with modern design, vintage bedroom will become a fresh idea for your private room. Vintage decoration will be relaxing and bringing peaceful ambience inside your bedroom. Vintage style is always presented with complicated design and decoration. That is not true at all. You are able to make it simple and elegant without too many details. In short words, you can design your own vintage by adjusting the style with your own idea and taste. What should you put for your room with vintage style? What suitable decoration should you set in your private area to create vintage style?

vintage bedroom

Furniture for Vintage Bedrooms

In setting your private area with vintage style, you should set appropriate vintage bedroom furniture. Moreover, furniture is one of the most important components you should set in bedroom. What furniture do you usually add into your vintage bedroom? Those can be frame of your bed, some chairs or sofa, table, desk, closet, and cupboard. How to make the furniture present vintage style like what your intention is? You are able to set antique furniture. That is available in garage sales, antique shops around your town, and in some online shops. You should be open minded in picking the furniture because it is quite difficult to find antique furniture. Getting vintage furniture cannot be done in hurry. That is quite difficult to find the furniture that is proper with your needs. So, don’t be too firm with your idealism.

vintage bedroom

You should be creative to get what you want for your vintage bedrooms. Mixing and matching by means of different measurement and shapes can be done for the nightstands of yours.  For the bed, you had better choose the iron one. Chandeliers will be a good idea for the room. Those will present coziness and intimacy. You are able to find furniture and other decorations in your room in the internet. You are able to see the items in the catalog then order that you want. Then, they will ship your ordered furniture.

vintage bedroom

Color Scheme for Vintage Bedroom

There are some colors that you can apply for your room to bring vintage ambience to support antique vintage bedroom decor. Blue and white will be representative for that. You are able to use white painting and blue decoration. To bold the vintage character, you are able to add black. That is very creative, right. One thing you should go into. You should use soft color. Avoiding vibrant color can make the character more prominent in your vintage bedroom.

vintage bedroom


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