January 28, 2022
house cleaning activity

Saving Times on Home Cleaning Activity

Does your home have seen mess? Now is the time for you to clean your home immediately. Consider the following tips so you can save 165 minutes of time in cleaning the house
house cleaning activity
1. Cleaning the refrigerator
Condition of the refrigerator should always be in clean condition. Get rid of items that are unneeded or expired. Perform periodic cleaning to avoid spreading germs in the refrigerator

refrigerator cleaning
2. Stop squeezing the mop
you can use used towels. Cut and use towels in mop by placing at the head of the mop. Do cleaning from all sides of the mop to mop in order to avoid repeated squeezing the mop
3. Quickly remove dust
you can use used cotton socks to remove dust quickly. Insert your hand into a sock and wipe your hands on a dusty place. This will save you in time for cleaning the dust.

dust removal
4. Quickly removes stains
you can put a bit of cleaner liquid in strategic place for example in the kitchen, so when there are spills, then you can quickly clean it. You can also put a bit of cleaner fluid in the living room, bedrooms and more. You know that dried stains will last longer in the cleaning process
5. Sweep the spider web
you can use used towel by dipping a towel into the water and squeezed, then clean spider web. A damp towel will quickly clean up of spider web
6. Cleaning activity when do toothbrush
during toothbrush activity, you can also clean up the messy room accessories and put it in the appropriate place.
7. Quickly clean It
cleaning process can be done by using a liquid cleaner sold in stores. You can pour it in the dirt place and quickly clean it
8. Ask family members to help
you can ask your child to bring a full of litter container that has to be discarded to the right place.

By applying the above tips, you can save time in cleaning your house and making home cleaning activity is becoming fun activity for all family members


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