January 28, 2022
minimalist home design

Minimalist Interior Home Design Philosophy and Tips

Now days minimalist house architecture concept can be found in various places. Minimalist design concept emphasizes the optimization function space so impressed spacious and comfortable.

minimalist home design
What Philosophy of life that  works for you who want a minimalist home concept?
1. You are more concerned with its function
You only want what is needed  in the house and get rid of what is not necessary by the selection of accessories such small and color selection of the appropriate chair, a vase of flowers
2. You are more concerned with the quality
The use of quality accessories which not consume much space to your room
3. You liked the cleanliness of the room
Minimalist concept will make the maintenance of the house will be much reduced. This resulted in a more orderly room and kept clean. What is interesting from a minimalist house? Simple and elegant and different from other houses.

minimalist home design

Some of these tips in designing interior of minimalist home
The selection of furniture materials
Along with the growing popularity of the concept of minimalist house, do not be surprised if a lot of furniture that offers the concept of minimalist interior design with a dark brown color. This minimalist furniture style is favored by the people, especially in the arrangement with limited room. Geometric furniture using lightweight metal or wood with a dark color and the use of a glass material gives the impression of vast space. More modern minimalist interior design look simple, simple and practical.
With the use of curtains kinds of roman blind will give a dynamic impression in the form of a minimalist room
Chairs and sofas
The color of the chairs and sofas should be considered in the concept of a minimalist space. The selection is suggested by the color brown or reddish-brown color to a wooden chair and sofa with cream to maintain a minimalist color selection.
Size of carpets should be measured before being installed in the room. The selection of motifs and colors of carpet is important before deciding to buy it. Carpet maintenance should be done regularly for example by changing the Position of the carpet once a month or two and do the cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner.

minimalist home design
Geometric space can also be applied to a wide range of room accessories such as the use of suitable ceramic patterns, use of carpets and even the ceiling with a drop ceiling. You can create more by using a curved or rounded shape while maintaining the simplicity of the concept without a lot of profiles that will be seen remains simple.

minimalist furniture
You can also add other accessories such as the space classic accessories that suit your taste such as flower vases, candle accessories and various other classical
Keep the room is filled with memorable arrangement with the proper accessories such as the arrangement of space framed photos in large sizes but with a small amount will give the impression of vast space

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