January 28, 2022
sleepy furniture

Minimalist Home Designs Furniture

The basic characteristic of minimalist home designs is multifunctional meaning to say that there is more than one function in one item. Minimalist home is identical with modern style. There is no much detail. The decorations used are simple. If you are interested in this style, you are able to start to think about the concept of minimalist home designs plans that you want to install. If you have no idea what you have to do with your plan to make your home minimalist and functional, you are able to get novel and fresh idea in the internet. There are many references there. You can also find some pictures of minimalist home designs Philippines to get inspiration.

Minimalist Home Designs with SLEEPY

If you are confused to set your home to be minimalist and functional, SLEEPY is here. This unique bed will make your minimalist bedroom more beautiful. This furniture is customized with the characteristics of minimalist home designs. Angelo Tomaiuolo is the Italian designer who designs this amazing bed. After designing SLEEPY, Tomaiuolo gives the draft to Tonin CASA, one of leading furniture manufacturers in Italia. The main material used to make SLEEPY is leather. The finishing is so perfect by showing each incredible line of the bed. u

sleepy furniture

Why is SLEEPY suitable with the concept of minimalist home designs? What does feature of this bed show multifunctional? Well, SLEEPY is completed with a table made of a glass. The table is united with the bed. You are able to use the table for breakfast on the bed. You are able to put your favorite books on the table.

Functional Desk by Clever for Minimalist Home Designs

The size of minimalist home is usually small. It must be challenging for you to set all the things in that tiny room. That is the reason why you need multifunctional furniture for your minimalist home designs. SLEEPY is one of furniture items which is great to be set on your minimalist bedroom with modern and contemporary style. Besides bedding, you should also think about the desk. Your bedroom is not complete without that.

minimalist desk

One of the best choices for modern desk is from Clever. Clever offers the best product to make your bedroom more functional. There are various colors. You are able to pick one that is the most suitable for you. You can put your books, accessories, and your small stuff in the drawer. For the top, you are able to put your computer on it. that is so thoughtful idea to create minimalist home designs.

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