January 28, 2022

This Is Why You Need to Have a Shipping Containers Home

From a mere shipping container to a cool home. Most of the time you might think of containers as a medium to transport goods, but now, containers are one of the most in-demand materials in the world of architecture with the trend of shipping container home.

Shipping container homes is a solution for those of you who want to have a house with a minimalist shape. For some people, having a house with a modern design is a dream, but having a house with a simple design is a bigger dream.

Containers are most widely used in cafes or restaurants that adopt the industrial concept. But now, riding on the trend of the container houses, architects and interior designers take on a serious challenge to recycle metal containers into beautiful, minimalist, and modern homes. The modern shipping containers home need to be considered for those of you who are intending to build a house with a minimum budget. 

home shipping container idea

Constructing shipping containers home does not need a lot of budgets because you only need to modify a few parts of the containers. For example, changing the color of the container to make it look more unique and present. Plus, the process of modification of the container houses is practically very easy. By having a container house, your home will look different from others. 

Advantages of Shipping Containers Home

There are lots of benefits to having modern shipping containers home. Here are some.

Affordable Prices

If you are interested in building a house with a container and your budget is kinda low, then this material is the right choice for you. With good planning, you can build luxury homes from containers, at half the price of an ordinary house. The method in erecting the shipping containers home cut through the traditional manner because the frame, walls, and ceiling are all available from the containers. Nowadays there are lots of shipping containers that are marketed at an affordable price. Plus, the container house is the already proven solution to save the budget.

Save space

Having a land size that is not too spacious requires a creative and efficient plan. By choosing to build a container house, you can save more space. Containers home don’t take up a lot of space, so it’s a good choice for those of you who live in crowded cities.

In the case that you want a small house then one shipping container is enough. Need a slightly bigger house? Take 2 or even 3 containers. Not enough space? Stack a few containers!

Resistant to Disasters

Material that built the shipping containers is iron, so this material is very strong and resistant to disasters. Ordinary houses are built from piles of cement, stone, sand, concrete, and other heavy materials that are dangerous when they collapse during an earthquake. However, the container house is coming in the shape of an intact box that tends to be sturdy during an earthquake and keep you – your family – from the danger of building debris.

The container house is unique

Who doesn’t want a unique home? In the era of Instagram and Snapchat, a unique thing is a must, and having classy shipping containers home does tick all the boxes. This type of home is more prominent and looks different from other houses. With a checkered shape that is typical of minimalist designs, container homes are a great choice for those of you who love modern minimalist designs.

Creating a Simple Home

Container houses are deliberately designed with a minimalist, so it looks simpler. But, the downside is that you must choose the furniture carefully. Thus, adopting multifunctional furniture to create a simple impression is the best approach.

Environmentally Friendly

The trendy shipping containers home usually take freight containers that have been used that are re-conditioned as good as new. The process gives the material longer usability and a further period where the container did not just shift into a waste.

Disadvantages of Shipping Containers Home

Although it is more concise and inexpensive, there is also a negative point of having shipping container houses. Here are some disadvantages of containers home.

Vulnerable to heat

Since the material of the modern shipping containers home is made of metal, this type of house is very affected by temperature. During the day, the container house can get very hot. Conversely, in the case that at night the air temperature drops, the room temperature also falls.

Delivery locations are limited

To bring containers to the placement location, you need a 10-wheeled truck. Therefore, container shipping is limited to the area that has large roads and a spacey environment.

Size has been determined

Shipping containers are factory-made. Therefore, the size of the available containers is predetermined by the company.

Special attention

Since the material is special, the process can only be done by architects and interior designers that already have experience in stacking *pun intended* the containers. The process needs special attention thus a special price list.

Buying Containers

Now that you know the plus and minus of having shipping containers home, it’s time for you to buy the main material – the shipping containers *duh*.

For those of you who are interested in buying containers, you can go ahead and buy used containers in an online marketplace. Nowadays, lots of global-scale – and local – marketplaces already vended used containers digitally.

Make sure the store where you bought the container is trusted and before going ahead on the financial, ask about its usage history. Better yet, inspect and verify the used container directly by visiting the location.

If you don’t find a used container that you want domestically, try to look in other and bigger wholesale marketplace such as Alibaba. Many used containers from China can be imported abroad where the delivery time usually takes 3-4 months.

Compare the prices you get from other stores and never take on a deal right away! Take an affordable price within your limit. The size of the container is divided into three measurements – 20 ft, 40ft, and more than 40 ft. Do take the measurement closely because each type of container has a different length and weight.

Guaranteed unique design with a low budget. Now, are you interested in having classy shipping containers home?

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