January 28, 2022
greenish yellow color

Use Strike Color to Your Home

Are you bored with the color of your home that tend to be “safe” and impressed-that’s it? If so, take advantage of this moment of the new year to try something new, and certainly outside the “safe zone” of you.

You can choose colors that are more striking for home interiors. You can imagine the yellow-green, light green, turquoise and royal blue. Explore from  four colors for your home to look fresh

Greenish Yellow

Choosing a greenish yellow color, for example, is likely to be a striking color for your walls. However, if  it give white touch color, neutral-colored lights, the effect of a greenish yellow color will be a little “hidden”.
greenish yellow color
Beside to the wall, you can try using this color for your floor. If you already use bold colors on the floor, you’ll want to choose neutral colors for the rest of the room.

A greenish-yellow color has a variety of different types. Generally, these colors will look good when contrasted with the dark walnut color.

Light green

In addition to yellow-green, the color of spring green or light green can accompany you through the days of the cold rainy season. Try giving it a little accent on your minimalist style bathrooms.
light green color
In addition, light green shades can look good in the white and light gray. You could try mixing it with some of the “tone” of light green color as an accent in a room. This color will “appear” if you give a colored bamboo flooring.

bluish green

The third color is bluish green. This color tends to be darker than the previous two colors. However, color is rarely used will provide interesting accents for your home interior.

You can use it as an accent color in the bathroom. Pair with turquoise, light gray, and white to give the impression of calm and look like a spa room.

Indeed, although it is suitable for bathrooms, colors can also look beautiful in the whole house as attractive accents. Choose pastel turquoise color to the impression of a quieter room. Beside to darker and softer, bluish-green color is also more suited applied with dark gray concrete floor

Striking blue
blue color
Lastly, try striking blue color. This color will be able to remind you of the color of jeans that seem young and dynamic. You can use blue as accents on furniture and other interior equipment. Use the wooden walls, exposed brick, or orange paint for a better impression with this color contrast. If you want the colors on your walls, use a floor light gray to accentuate blue color on your walls.

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