January 28, 2022

towel rack in various designs

Towel rack is actually something that can add the beautiful interior design of the bathroom. It has some functions that make it need to be designed well. The first function is related to its essential function that is as the place of towel when you are taking a bath. It can also be place of your towel when it has been used. Sometimes when we have finished using towel, the towel itself will be little bit wet. It needs to be dried in the rack. It is actually the essential function of the rack. Te other function is related to the bathroom appearance. This towel rack for bathroom can add the beautiful appearance of the interior bathroom. So, it is also used as home decoration.



There are some kinds of the towel rack that is commonly applied in the bathroom. The first kind of towel rack that has interesting design is heated rack. Heated rack is actually racks of towel that can warm-up the towels. This rack can be considered as luxurious towel bars that can make the towel warm, so it is comfortable to be used. Many people choose this kind of rack, since it is hygienic. This can lower the allergens and also mildew, so the towel will be more hygienic. More than that, this kind of rack can also help to reduce stress, maintain body temperature, and other function because of the warm towel.


The other kind of rack is free standing towel rack. This kind of rack is also interesting. It can be created from metal, stainless steel, or wood. These materials is created as well and added with wood or glass that is placed as the holder. The design of this rack is almost the same with showcase without any glass around it. Besides as the place of the towel, it can also be used to place other bathroom equipment such as shampoo, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste and other things. This rack is as interesting as the heated rack.


The placement of the rack in the bathroom actually depends on the types of the rack itself. It can be on the wall, or on the floor. For example is a wall tower bar that is placed on the wall. Then, the towel rack stand is laid on the floor as same as the show case in the bathroom. These kinds of towel rack will be very useful to complete your bathroom interior decoration.

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