March 16, 2022

Toilet Wax Seal: How to Remove the Old and Apply the New One

Toilet wax seal is something that is always applied in the toilet. It is actually a kind of wax that is placed between the floor and the drains that is in the bottom of the toilet bowl. This kind of wax seal is functioned to prevent the water leakage. As same as the other equipment inside the house, this kind of wax seal also need to be cleaned regularly. It is purposed to make the toilet keep clean, so there will no stinky scent inside the bathroom. Most of people feel difficult in cleaning this wax seal. It is because they don’t know how actually steps in cleaning this kind of wax seal.


How to Clean the Old Wax?

Replacing the toilet wax seal is something that should be done regularly. It is because the function of toilet waxes is important to prevent the toilet itself from leaking even though toilet wax seal price is quite expensive. In this activity, the old toilet wax need to be cleaned, since it is actually made of sticky beeswax that can make trouble if it is not be cleaned before replacing with the new one. First, you need to wear gloves. Then, you may remove the wax seal that is the main pieces by placing the paper towel on to the seal. Then, you may grasp it by your gloved hand and place it into the disposal or plastic bag.


When you have removed the old wax into the plastic bag, then you can scrape away the wax that still remains on the hole of toilet. You may use knife or something other which can be used to clean it. The last step is wiping the residue of the toilet wax seal by using the paper towel that has been completed with mineral spirits. Repeat this activity until the surface is clean and residue has gone.

How to Install the New One?

When you have finished removing and cleaning the old toilet wax, you can apply the one. You may put it on the outlet of discharge. Then, installing the new bolts to the flange is the next step. When it has been finished, you may place the toilet in too the previous place that is over the bolts and drain. But, you have to remember about toilet wax seal arrangement that should be arranged appropriately since when you place it, the seal will immediately come in to its place. These steps will make you easier in cleaning and changing the toilet wax seal.

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