January 28, 2022

Sparkling Crystal Inside Your Home

Crystals sparkle inside your home can create the impression of luxury and expensive on the interior design of your home. Crystals can bring the atmosphere of the room seemed to be more elegant and glamorous.

Long time ago, crystals used only for the nobility, not surprisingly, the luxury crystal brought up until  now. Crystal placement in the home is not only used as supporting elements of space, but it can be a focal point of the room, the way is by combining crystals with appropriate furniture in balance. Meaning balanced here is we should pay attention to proportion and not making the crystal as the central point. For example, the left side of the wall, we put a large crystal colored transparent. In order to make it balanced, on the right side also placed crystals, but they are much smaller than the left side of the crystal is. Basically, the proportion can also be obtained when you put the crystals with matching according to size, shape, color, and location when we buy crystals.
Crystal is a three-dimensional object, so the crystal must be seen by people from all sides. You can put a crystal with glass cabinet by putting it in the right angle. You can also put the crystal on the table, but you need to pay attention to the shape and character of the table. If you put the crystal on the table with square size, you can put it on horizontal. Remember, the placement of crystals not to interfere with the activity in the table.
To beautify the crystal characteristics, you need to pay attention to the lighting because the crystals have a unique color shade when it  beams by light properly. Recommendations  color is light yellow color cause can make bias colors like a rainbow

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