January 28, 2022
small livingroom design

Simplest Inspiration for Small Living Room Design

Today, The more rarely a guest visit to other house make some people eliminate the living room from their home layout, and replace it with the family room.

For some others, the living room remains an important things because some people think that living room is the first room that can reflect the character of the owner.
small livingroom design
In a small house, of course, the size of living room small as well. Therefore, do not occupy the living room with furniture. Use furniture that needed it. Simply provide two 2 seat sofa, single sofa 1 seat, and tables. If still remaining space exist then can be added with a credenza and corner table. Do not use a large sofa, because too big or many sofa will make the space become more cramped and claustrophobic.

Where the sofa should be placed? If possible, both sofas can be propped against the wall to make the room look bigger. If not possible, lean one of the largest sofa. Importantly, placement does not interfere with the flow of air circulation from the entrance to other rooms.

To create a slightly different style, try to use two different sofas. The difference here could mean different shapes, different designs, or colors. To connected the two different sofas, find a common thread between it. The common thread is usually a color.
For example you can see in the photo displayed. Photo shows the living room sofa in different shapes and colors. To bridge the gap, in the couch cushions or seat placed the same color as the color of the other sofa. A fast way, cheap, and easy, isn’t it?

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