January 28, 2022

Septic Tank Problem that Commonly Happens

Septic tank problem is often caused by abuse, overuse, or improper maintenance. If this happens to your septic tank, it will be very costly to fix that. In addition, it will damage the environment. Therefore, you should know the septic tank problem signs, so you can overcome the problem directly. To avoid serious problems, you should inspect for problems or leaks once or twice a year. For your information, septic tank system should be regularly pumped out since this system is used daily especially it is used by a big number of people. Commonly the problems happen to old septic tank. To solve old septic tank problem, there are many ways that can be carried out.

Determining the Problems of Your Septic Tank

As mentioned previously, buildup is the most common septic tank problem. If you find there is a draining or slow flushing, it means that your septic tank suffers from buildup. When it happens, your system should be replaces especially if pumping out the tank doesn’t work. When it happens, you should empty the tank, otherwise, the effluent will back up. For your information pesticides, paint thinners, disinfectants, solvents, and poisons can contaminate the soil so don’t put any claim in high levels of sandy soil near the leach field.


The sludge can happen because your septic tank is too small. Therefore to prevent any septic tank problem, you should know the proper capacity of your septic tank. Generally the sizes of septic tank vary from 900 to 1,500 gallons. If the septic tank is only meant for one two people, smaller sizes are sufficient. On the other words, if a home have bigger family, of course at least 1,500 gallons septic tank is required. Usually when a septic tank is constructed, the builder will consider the number of bedrooms.


How to Inspect the Problems and Maintain the Septic Tank

The problems mentioned above can be prevented. In this way, you can do an inspection for at least once a year. The inspections include checking for leaks and dirt ad measuring the sludge amount in the tank. Since repairs and backups are generally expensive, you can have a professional pump. For your illustration, 900-gallon tank used by one person has to be pumped every once a year. Chances of problems can be lessened. You can do this by putting as little solid waste and water if possible to the system. Make sure that you use less than 50 gallons of eater every day. Inspecting plumbing, faucets, and pipes are effective way to prevent septic tank problem.

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