January 28, 2022

Positive Things from Bright Kitchen

Brightly kitchen bring positive things to the family who own it. Not only related to Feng Shui, the kitchen light to make cooking easier.
In addition, the bright light of the kitchen can also be a place for the whole family chatting comfortably. For that, you need to make sure there is always a bright light in your kitchen by following ways:

upgrade architecture

Older houses generally have a dark kitchen. Construction design  are cause of the sun can not get into the kitchen. Therefore, improving the architectural features of a home can be one of the solutions to increase the intake of sunlight into the dark kitchen. How, install skylights, atrium, or a large window over your kitchen. However, do not forget to immediately consult your architect.
In addition to these large windows, you can also install solar tube. By installing it, the sun can get into your kitchen through the tube. The second solution is right for you who have a kitchen in the basement or under the attic.

Remove curtains

Another solution is to remove curtains that can absorb sunlight. If you are reluctant to let go of the curtains, you should choose the material thinner and lighter curtains such as cotton and linen.

Use creative ways

Another way to make your kitchen brighter is to use creative ways. Use double glass-fronted kitchen cabinets. Cabinet invisibility can make light is not blocked. Also Select unique lamps as modern themed chandelier. In addition, provide a source of lighting as much as possible so that your kitchen looks bright.
Optimize kitchen furniture

Finally, maximize the furniture that you already have in the kitchen. Repaint your kitchen cabinets with a lighter color, add headlights and light ambience. In addition, update seat cushions on your dining table, as well as brightly colored tablecloths.

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