January 28, 2022

Minimalist Home Interior Design Type 70

In this modern era, minimalist house become the choice of many good people who are planning to build a family and established and has its own small family. Minimalist home is very popular these days and become one of the concepts that are followed by many people because everything that looks more simple and simple. One of the many minimalist house minimalist houses ogled is type 70. Increasingly minimalist type 70 in interest by the upper middle class, especially among wealthy young couple newly married. With all the advantages that type minimalist home design provides convenience and flexibility to design a variety of elegant, modern and minimalist become the main attraction for those who are looking for new residential homes. Practicality in design, budgets that is not too expensive but still produce a beautiful and classy building, and the capability of utilizing a narrow land makes minimalist house has a special attraction for some people.


Minimalist home interior design type 70 is present predominantly in tropical minimalist style is very affordable for the middle class and usually, the type 70 in which there are two spacious bedrooms and ventilation needs quite well equipped, living room, and family room are connected directly.

Excess of 70 types of minimalist home interior design is made of high ceilings and a front opening in the front of the building so that the light from outside can enter freely into the interior of the living room area and family room. 70 types of homes typically have a land area of ​​about 9 × 14 square meters although it is possible to be more than that if the owner intends to increase the volume of the room or building again.

For urban areas that lack land, this type of dwelling is considered ideal, even if the building is hampered by problems of land that is not so broad the typical urban land, usually can be circumvented by structuring the ceiling, colors, and furniture made as attractive as possible so that the houses could look more spacious than actual size. Usually the original building houses 70 types made two lines, which mean there is a door that leads directly to the service room or kitchen section.

To apply the minimalist home interior design type 70 is not a difficult thing. you can realize your dream about your dream home and utilize the services of an architect to get stability in the selection of the design.

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