January 28, 2022

Luxurious Room with Glasses

Home accessories and ornaments can give the impression of luxury to the home. Trick of glass can make attractive light reflection. The house will appeal if given the proper ornaments and accessories. One of them is by giving glass elements. Glass can make impression of the room so luxurious and elegant.
Using glass as a divider will make the room look very special, especially coupled with two shelves of the transverse horizontal and vertical in the center of glass making as hanging shelves.

Glass is widely used in furniture such as dining table, kitchen cabinet door set. Glass on the furniture combined with wood materials by finishing using dark melamine, but there are also finishing with bright colors


Luxurious impression even arise from dark and bright colors of the room elements. Luxurious impression can also arise from the play of light. Glow of crystal chandeliers make the room atmosphere charming and elegant

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