January 28, 2022
transparent house design

Live Sensation in The Wild by Transparent House

Are you a person who loves the outdoors? If the answer is yes, the design of the architect firm Santambrogiomilano seems appropriate for you. Santambrogiomilano transparent drafting home. Companies based in Milan has made a transparent cube form house consists of three floors.
transparent house design
This house is like a puzzle, because it can be assembled as desired. The main material is thick glass house. So, if the weather is snowy, this house can withstand snow can make the surface dewy.

In addition, there are other designs called Cliff House. This house uses a thinner glass material. The function is as building on the water, allowing a person can live as if floating on water.

However, if you are a person with high privacy, do not worry. This house was designed with an application. Applications in the form of buttons, made ​​blurred from the outside.

Because of transparent, this home has 360 degree views. Of course, the house is not designed for crowded urban areas. The town which is too crowded considered too fragile for this house.

This house is a great choice if you want to be alone and at one with nature. For example, spend a couple days to do something or just vacation

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