January 28, 2022

List Up Your Home Decoration Plan

The strength and sustainability of mankind civilization  is on record. Through recording, whatever had got it wrong from the human mind, can be easily remember again.

The same thought is also true  in the process of renovation. When starting a “project” construction, renovation, or decorating the house, there are some things you should do first. One of the most important things is to start making a list of vision, ideas, and desires.

The list is an efficient way to communicate your wishes to the architect, decorator, or other persons responsible for the process. Consider the following:

Make a wish list

Each architect will begin work with specific programs. A collaboration between the architect and the client should be defined in the program. Size, number of rooms, stylish decor, landscape, and placement of the windows are some of the things included in the program.

Make a detailed list  as possible. Every room in your home that think you really deserve . Then, collect pieces of images, catalogs, print-outs from the internet to illustrate the products you want. The more information the better your inventory, and you get closer to your dream home.

After the list is compiled, the data combine with your budget. Then, start making a priority of all your desires. After that, leave it to your architect. Experts will understand and translate your desires into good design.

Narrow the list

When you combine the data with the budget and make a list of priorities that you create, you should engage an architect in the process. It is useful to give your input on the technical possibilities of your dreams. Because sometimes, the owner of the house has a complicated desires without realizing, that the spacious house, soil conditions, and the budget does not meet.
After narrowing the list in terms of budgets and technical, consider your lifestyle. Do you have small children, pets, as well as where you live. It is important to remember a few ornaments and furniture are not suitable for children and pets.

For example, you should not display a crystal in a house full of children. Alternatively, you also should not use long curtains if you have a cat or dog.

Believe your architect

One of the job description of an architect is to translate the client’s vision from an idea into something real. The translation process included emotional interpretations to be created in a room.
Generally, the first step they will do is make sure that they understand your wishes. Typically, this is done through conversations. Sometimes, the experts will repeat your desire, or precisely suppress his desire to you. Try to negotiate and consider with logically.

The key of course communication. So, let the architect know the difficulties and desires. Also give information about the items that should be in your house and accessories ornaments

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