January 28, 2022

Knowing What Really Makes Your Home Become Heat

The use of air conditioners is  not the only one a solution to cool the room. Knowing What Really Makes Your Home Become Heat.

Leisure time activities in room is not only depend on the temperature of the room. Comfort is also related to the structural elements that “work” resist exposure to light and filter heat did not enter into the room.
Maintain comfortable temperature can reduce the heat transfer outdoors into the building. And vice versa. Whenever possible, we should be able to hold cold temperatures move from inside to outside the building. This transfer can happen in 3 processes, namely convection, conduction, and radiation. conduction can occur because of heat transfer through conducted objects. The simplest example is a cup of tea can be hot because water holds heat.

Convection is heat transfer due to air movement, the hot air rises up and the cold air will drop to the bottom. The air can carry the hot air into the house. While radiation occur due to heat hold in the material or material that has the ability to increase the temperature of the object. The simplest example is a car parked in the sun. Radiation heat will cause the inside become heat although the car sealed.
Heat Radiation  that accumulates inside the car is the cause. In fact, it could be the temperature outside the car is not as hot as it is.

Of course, it can also occur in your building. To prevent this, you can use a coating that serves as thermal insulation from the above three processes. Its used  is not only for the roof, but also the walls. Since the walls are usually facing west that can be a medium of  conduction from heat radiation.

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