January 28, 2022
Linoleum floor

Is Linoleum Floor Best for Your Home?

Giving uniqueness to your home, not only in the selection of wall paint and furniture. You can also take an attention through the floor with a unique style. Beside to use conventional floor coverings such as tile, wood or carpet, you now have more options. One is linoleum.
Linoleum floor design
Linoleum is one of solution of  floor covering that is not only easy to install, but also relatively inexpensive. Beside, the linoleum is also cited made ​​of natural materials that can be updated as jute, pigment, rasin, linseed oil, limestone, and woodfloor.

The use of linoleum, not only in one room in the house. However, linoleum is the right choice for wet areas in the home. In addition to water-resistant, color choices can also create moist places look attractive such as bathrooms and kitchens .
Linoleum floor
There are three types of linoleum product that can be selected, namely, Marmoleum with natural colors and patterns, artoleum with wood pattern, and Walton with a textured pattern. All types of linoleum is easy to clean and maintain.
Linoleum floor
Beside to attractive color , you can also make a room in your house have the impression of “classy” classic style by choosing the floor with a chessboard squares. If you are not too like of the chessboard pattern, you can also choose other patterns such as stripes or other form that is more suit to your taste.

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