January 28, 2022

Interior design cost down by using gypsum

The use of wood materials for building increasingly expensive nowadays. Many people turn utilize gypsum for use in some parts of the house, especially the plafond. Gypsum can be used on simple home to luxury homes. The price is quite cheap compared to materials that have the same function.


Gypsum more flexible to be shaped in accordance with the wishes of the designer. Gypsum has the durability and stability of a high level, it is suitable to beautify the interior of the building.
In addition, if Gypsum contaminated by stains, just the affected spots that need to be cut and patched again unlike plywood where you have to replace it in its entirety. The use of gypsum is very safe, harmless, does not damage the environment and economical price and easy installation.
Gypsum excellence in interior decor is clean and looks more beautiful. Gypsum can be used with any style home models, both classical, minimalist.

For the finishing process, gypsum is applied by wall paint and does not need coated. Besides gypsum installation process is very easy.
With the ease of use of gypsum, your decor will be much easier and cost down on your expense

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