January 28, 2022

Innovation in home energy efficiency solutions

When designing our home, we should always keep in mind two things that many of us often tend to forget. Firstly, by making your home as energy efficient as possible you are being a good global citizen, helping to keep the world a greener place. Secondly, by being good to mother earth, you are also being good to yourself. As we all know, energy efficiency, in addition to being a good result of green thinking, can also be extremely good to you by lowering your energy related costs.

Did you know that buildings consume around 40 percent of the world’s energy? If you didn’t, you definitely do now. And when you think about it, for one reason or another, we should all do our best to make our homes as energy efficient as possible.

During Greenbuild Expo in San Francisco, Johnson Controls demonstrated their Panoptix solution that is meant to help single building owners as well as managers to track the performance of their buildings. Based on the information, building owners can see where changes are needed and how to improve the building performance. The cloud-based apps give the users the chance to see how every system is functioning at any precise moment. If you’re interested in learning more about the Panoptix solution and see what’s new in building efficiency, take a look at www.johnsoncontrols.com/panoptix

The founder of Johnson Controls invented the electric thermostat 125 years ago. Now they are changing the way buildings are created, from ideas to the completion, helping to make them as energy efficient as possible.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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