January 28, 2022

How to Make a Wall Painting in Adult Bedroom

Mural is any artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

Some of the frescoes painted on a large canvas, which is then attached to the wall (for example, with camouflage). Are these works can be accurately called a “mural” is the subject of some controversy in the art world, but this technique has been commonly used since the late 19th century.

Bedroom-Wall-Decoration-IdeasNow the mural is also used in the bedroom, either bedrooms adults or children. Here’s how to use the murals for adult bedrooms.

1. Buy photography or painting jungle scenes to cover one wall. Draw a horizontal line, halfway between the ceiling and the floor, the entire width of the entire wall. Use this to keep the mural centered. Then follow the instructions for the mural that you buy – most installations of murals are quite similar.

2. Mix the wallpaper paste or use a glue pot. Lay out pieces of the mural in order – they usually have the numbers – and spread glue on the wall where you will begin to insert part mural. Dab a little glue on the back of each piece mural in a row and carefully apply it to the wall, using a wide wallpaper brush to smooth out wrinkles or bubbles in the paper.

3. Puncture holes in any air bubbles with a pin that you miss, put glue on it and flatten the bubble into the wall, then remove the air. Cut the edge of the mural with a box cutter or razor blades if necessary.

4. Use a photograph or image of a tree that you like as a guide to make art tree on the wall opposite the forest scene. The best model is an interesting form, like a silhouette. Trees can be as simple or as detailed picture of the National Geographic photo. Outline of a tree on the wall with tacks. Use a small piece of wood as a driver or use a thimble to protect your fingers when pushing the pin into the wall.

5. Wrap the brown yarn around the pins to create the trunk. Weaving back and forth motion and randomize thread. Tree is not static, predictable or perfect, so you should be as unique trees and strange because you can make it.

6. Tacks sticking in a circle and wind thread around them to make knotholes in trees. Some will overlap branches. “Weave” a few branches on the edge of the ceiling. Wind yarn tightly around the pin from time to time to keep tension on it and stepped back to see how you are doing.

7. Tie the thread when the picture is complete. Carefully hang a few framed pictures of birds in the branches. Tuck the picture below a few strands so that the birds look as if they are perched in a tree.

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