January 28, 2022

How to get showroom luxury in your bathroom

When you walk around a bathroom showroom, your eyes are often immediately drawn to the stylish suites and unique designs on show. To recreate the showroom feel in your own home bathroom, keep reading for some top tips.

Know your trends
Bathroom showrooms display the most up-to-the-minute interior trends, so they’re a great place to go for inspiration. As you make your way around, you might notice some running themes in the most stylish bathrooms.

A simplified, sleek style is one such trend that has been increasing in popularity for years, and this involves making bathrooms seem more sophisticated by removing unnecessary objects and streamlining design. You can follow the trend by fitting your own bathroom with a modern push-button toilet that is wall-mounted, or choosing a close coupled lavatory, which is more modern-looking than a traditional pedestal unit.

Light it up
If you find your attention is immediately drawn to certain areas of a bathroom showroom, this probably isn’t a happy accident – zoned spotlighting is a technique used to showcase a product in its full glory and draw the eye, and this is something you can recreate back home.
All you need to do is decide where you want everything to go in your bathroom and hire an electrician to install zoned spotlights. This will really brighten up the bathroom, reflecting light off any shiny surfaces you have, and creating focal points where you want them to be. If you choose an antique-style freestanding bath, for instance, this might be something you’d like to showcase, while art lovers might want to draw attention to a specific painting hanging on the wall.

Capitalise on space
Space is often at a premium in the bathroom, but many bathrooms in showrooms are compact in size, too, so look at how the designers have laid out the space to create an attractive room. They may have installed wall-mounted sinks and toilets, which take up less room than traditional alternatives, or used shelving to provide extra storage if there’s only room for one cupboard.
The decor is another factor, as you can add interest to a small space by using white as your background colour and introducing splashes of a contrasting shade or material, like wood, to divert your guests’ attention away from the size of the area.

You could also think of installing a vanity unit in the bathroom, which will incorporate the hand basin and a cupboard below, so you can make the most of this space by stowing towels or toiletries beneath the sink.

Keep it clutter-free
Another reason showroom bathrooms always look so good is because they are usually free from clutter. As no-one uses them, it’s not really surprising they stay tidy – with reality being more of a challenge.

To keep order in the bathroom, you need to think about removing unnecessary items altogether, and consider keeping some things in other rooms. If you have a laundry basket in the bathroom, why not move it to a bedroom instead? If you’ve got scales on show, can you fit them underneath a cupboard or wall-mounted unit?
Kids’ toys are often a source of mess in the bath, so invest in some shelves, a net bag or a cupboard that little ones can use to keep their things in. For toiletries, you could keep everything out of sight in a cabinet, or install some corner shelves in the bath or shower space for a stylish storage option.

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