January 28, 2022
home grown design

Home Grown Design

home grown designMany people who have heard the term home grown, but many are not familiar with what is mean by home grown.
So what is a home grown ..?
Why is the home to grow …?

Home grown is actually a term for the construction of houses carried out gradually from the beginning carefully planned as funds are available, in general there are two kinds of home grown design, the type of vertical and horizontal.

Home grown vertically
This is typically done for those who have land so narrow that there is no choice but to build up.
This type of preparation needed with a larger initial funding for building structures have been prepared for terraced houses, although not as well implemented (gradually)
Home grown horizontally
Performed by those who have enough land area that is still quite a lot of empty space to develop the house as needed.
These types tend to be cheaper and easier for the initial design for the structure intended to house not only complains rise.

Growth in housing construction there are several things that must be considered both in terms of architectural and structural design in accordance with the plan in question.
The following steps can be done to build a home grown:
1. Determine the amount of the funds will be used
2. Consult / design of your home in the whole design in accordance with the wishes (regardless of existing funds)
3. Aggregated aggregated parts which will be the first priority for construction.
4. Determine the pattern of development / stages of the work so no need to dismantle the plug in the continuation of work on the next stage of development.

Try to use professional services for the gradual development / growth there are some things that should be designed with the calculation of the strength and spatial structure that exists, for example:

a. Building foundations, must be taken into account whether or not for terraced houses (grow vertically or horizontally).
b. The main structure (Sloof, column, ring, beams and the possibility of a concrete slab) should be properly assessed against the power structure, especially when it comes to story house (vertical growth), not only with the formula “generally strong” but must be calculated is technically correct.
c. Design the layout so that sufficient funds mature at the first stage can really be applied to the maximum sustainable spatial planning.

Apart from the non-technical terms that must be considered:

a. And adequacy of funding sources should also be taken into account, do not let us build the first phase as well as the last stage alias quit.
b. The possibility of a material price increase is significantly
c. Look for staff who really understand the technical issues, or at least have the power to be foreman of technical savvy and understand the building.

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