January 28, 2022

Heater Repair DIY Tips

Heater repair should be done if there are some problems happen to the appliances. Do you know that professional have the water heater fixed can be very costly? Therefore, it will be better if you learn the steps of water heater repair. You can save more money if you do some checking and try to do the repair yourself. This requires simple checking including the one dealing with heather repair thermostat.  You don’t need to worry that you think you can’t learn the techniques to repair the heater. Although this matter deals with electricity, it doesn’t mean it is dangerous and complicated. Instead this project can be very fun especially for you who are interested in such mechanic and electronic things. There are some tips that can ease you to do this project.


Thermostat Checking

No matter what you think about the reason of the problems, the very first thing you must check is the thermostat even if you are really sure that the cause of the problem is because the heating element is burnt. Thermostat checking is the very simple way of heater repair. You can begin the checking by turning off the power. In some heaters, you might find it difficult to see the access panel because insulation may cover it. I this happens, you have to cut the insulation away using a serrated knife. To know whether the thermostat is the source of the problem, you need to use a multi-tester.


After you finish checking the thermostat, you can start to check the high temperature of the cut-off button. In this step of heater repair, you need to pen the access panel of the heater. This step is done to let you know whether there is any problem with the cut-off button or not. If there is a problem pushing the button back is the solution. In many cases, the heater tank doesn’t get warmer although you have done these steps very well. It means that there are more serious problems. Therefore, you need to do further checking.

Cut-Off for Continuity Testing

In this step, what you need to find short circuits in the water heating elements. You will see some terminals. These terminals should be checked for their continuity. If until this step, you still find that the problems have been solved yet, it means that there is no way out except calling a repairman to do the heater repair.

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