January 28, 2022
gypsy room for girl

Gypsy-room style for girls

Gypsy-room style was first invented by a French designer intended for girls room. The room design is very attractive to use a pattern reminiscent of the camp of the gypsies in the meadow flowers.

gypsy room for girl
Using the basic color of brown, red, yellow, green and pink floral wallpaper with alloys to add interesting impression on the room
Gypsy-room style is designed for girls ages 4 ~ 6 years old with bed type Baldaquin.To beautify the room, you can put a small table and some other furniture
Decorative bed really does look like a gypsy tent. Accessories such as rugs with floral motif will add to the beauty of the room with the impression of a strong feminist
Besides for sleeping room, the room can be used as a playground, room for a comfortable learning for your children

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