January 28, 2022
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Green Living and Doable Tips

Green living ideas are so popular today. There are many tips revealed in the internet and green living magazine. However, some of the tips are too sophisticated and difficult to implement. Society needs simple tips to participate in saving this earth where they are living from the danger of global warming. The tips should be doable and possible to do. So, you do not need to be a master of environment to give your participation. In fact, there are many people concerning about environment and global warming as well. Nonetheless, some of them are confused and do not know what they have to do. They do not know how to contribute the mission of saving the earth. Here are two simple ways that you can do. The tips are doable. You are able to implement in your daily life easily.

green living

Saying No to Plastic Bag for Doable Green Living Tips

Saying no to plastic bags is the simplest way you can do to give your contribution for green living. When you want to go to the grocery, you had better bring a canvas bag that can be used many times for goods that you purchase. You can say to the cashier not to give you a plastic bag. For the change, you give the bag to the cashier to put your purchase into the bag.

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People sometimes do not realize that the smallest thing that they do can be precious contribution for green living. Plastic bags cannot be recycled. If people use it over and over again, the rate of plastic bag consumption will be raised up. The garbage will be raised up too. It is not good for the soil.

Saving Electricity for Doable Green Living Tips

Participating in green living does not mean that you have to do big and sophisticated things. You do not need to create a technology to save this earth. You are able to start the mission with something small. You can start from your daily habit. Besides saying no to plastic, saving electricity will be a big contribution.

green living

Saving electricity here does not mean that you should design green living technologies to change energy and power coming from electricity. You can do it by switching off your electricity devices such as lamps, television, and air conditioner when you do not use it. That is one of doable tips for green living.

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