January 28, 2022

Easy steps to replace the damaged gypsum wall

Gypsum board has been proven as an alternative material for the multifunctional personal and commercial buildings, from the ceiling to the walls (partitions). In fact, the “weakness” of gypsum to the water can also be considered as one of the advantages of gypsum itself.

Indeed, the rapid reaction of gypsum when exposed to water, you can see the damage even though the new small-scale. If the wall is already showing discoloration due to exposure to water, or hit by a blunt object, you should immediately replace the damaged part of the wall gypsum.
Surely, it is easy enough to fix gypsum wall. Consider the following way:

– The first step is to prepare the material, the gypsum board pieces, pieces of metal frame, compound, paper tape, gypsum screws, sandpaper and paint. Also, Prepare equipment consists of drill, cutter knife, tape, hole saws, metal scissors, pencil, roll and paint tubs, and buckets.

– Second, check how severe the damage to the walls of gypsum. Major damage will affect wide gypsum board “patch”. Furthermore, by using a piece of gypsum board, draw the damaged area to be repaired. Then, connect the four corners so that a diagonal line.

– Third, cut a diagonal line using a saw, and cut with a cutter blade on the side of the box. Then, “break” using your hands.

– Fourth, attach the frame to the position as the holder of gypsum. Use the drill to attach a metal frame to the interior gypsum board. Then, attach the pieces of gypsum cover on the chassis, as well as using a drill.

– Fifth,joint compound and paper tape used as reinforcements. Perform compound process until completely blended. Wait until dry. Instead, you let the compound is up to 24 hours. Lastly, do the sanding until blended and smooth. Then, the painting ready to do.

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