August 19, 2022

Damp Basement Tips

Damp basement or mostly called as wet basement is a condition where there is an elevated humidity in the room that can lead to a number of problems such as bad smell and mold growth. This condition happen because there is not much daylight exposed to your basement. As a result the basement is getting moist. Of course this moist basement is not convenient and may contribute to unhealthy living environment. Homeowners need to find a way to get rid of this condition including providing ample lights, stopping the mold growth, and other damp basement solution in other to dry the wet basement.


Do you have a basement? Commonly people build a basement as a storage space to keep unused furniture and other things that are rarely used. As a result the basement is out of care and turn into a damp basement. When it happens, the basement can cause many problems. First, homeowner will find out the damp basement smell is very bad. The moist also boost the mold growth. It won’t be good for you and your family health. There are many ways to stay away from those problems. The most efficient one is to provide adequate lights and wind and repaint the wet wall.

Damp Basement Tips: Lights and Wind

To prevent high level of moist in a damp basement, the area must receive enough lights. Open the windows to let the daylight come through. The warm of the light can help to dry the area.

damp basement tips

Install fans to make the air flow in the damp basement. If the fans don’t provide enough wind, install the dehumidifier. Follow the procedure for proper installation. Like the lights, wind also contributes to make the basement dries quickly.

Damp Basement Tips: Repainting the wall

As the moist will make the wall wet and the wall will be mildew, the best tips is to repaint the wall. If you just remove the mold, it will leave stains. Besides, heavy mold take a lot of energy and time. Of course before painting the wall you must clean the mold but not as hard as if with no painting later on. Use acid chemicals such as a very strong cleaning products and bleach to stop the mold growth. Since the chemicals may be harmful for your body, don’t forget to wear plastic gloves. Paint the wall in neutral bright colors to change your damp basement into a fresh and dry area.

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