January 28, 2022
children room wallpaper

Children Wall Wallpaper with Cute Themes

Defining a theme will help you decide what children wall wallpaper you can choose for your kids’ bedroom. There are many themes you can choose. If they are confused in deciding what theme they have to choose, you are able to give them some options.

If your kids are a boy, you can offer them pirate theme, animals in the jungle theme, or football match theme. For your girls, you can offer fairy princess theme, flower theme, or butterfly theme. Here are two themes that can be your inspiration in setting the children wall wallpaper.

Children Wall Wallpaper with Animal Theme

Animal-inspired printed wallpaper is able to be set in both girls and boys’ room. That is since most children like animals. By setting animal printed for children wall wallpaper, you are able to give them a chance to learn animal world. If your kids are still in the learning stage, they will absorb the knowledge about animals presented in the wallpaper. Their vocabulary of animal kinds will be improved.

children room wallpaper

For girls, you can choose butterfly or unicorn for kids wall murals wallpaper. Pink will be incredible as a color base of the wallpaper. You can also blend it with other theme such as fairy tales animals. There are some cute animals printed in the wallpaper with calm color. Your kids must like that idea for their own area. For boys, you are able to present jungle animals such as tigers, lions, gorillas, bears, elephants, and hippopotamuses for children wall wallpaper. Choose colors which present boy character such as dark green, dark blue, or grey to make your boys attracted to their room.

Children Wall Wallpaper with Retro Theme

Retro theme is a great choice if you just want to be neutral and not to choose modern or classic. You are able to present that style in your kids’ room. Because the style is timeless and able to be long used, you will get easier to decide what accessories you can choose to complete the room. The wallpapers for retro are various. As this idea is for your kids, you are able to pick black toilet-patterned and shabby chic-styled pastel pink wallpaper. That is really perfect to bring glamorous accent in your girls’ room. For boys, you can pick patterns of vintage baseball or their favorite cartoon figure such as Popeye, Looney Tunes, or Flintstone in children wall borders wallpaper. Bringing comic characters will be good for your children wall wallpaper.

children room wallpaper

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