January 29, 2024

Bathroom Granite Countertops Installation and Cleaning

Bathroom granite countertops, due to their durability and beauty are popular choices. Sometimes you are bored of your countertops and want a new and different look. One way to go is to use a granite countertop. If you look at some bathroom granite countertops pictures, you will amaze their pretty look. However, bathroom granite countertops cost can be very expensive. You should spend loads of money not only to buy the material but also to professionally install the countertops and to take care of it. However, you don’t need to worry about that. Aside from asking someone else install your countertop, why don’t you learn how to do it yourself? There are just a few steps that can be learnt quickly.


The Installation of Granite Countertops for Your Bathroom

There are three steps to install the bathroom granite countertops. They include obtaining the granite, removing the old countertops, and placing the granite. Go to home improvement store and select granite in right color and look for your bathroom. At home, you have to make a template made of a piece of plywood for your countertops. It is used to trace the shape, size, and hole. Before you place the new granite, of course you have to remove the old countertops. Before you do the removal, make sure that the main water valve has been shut off. To disconnect the sink, you must use plumber’s wrench. Typically you should disconnect two pipes. You need to remove the backsplash first and then remove the countertops.


Now it is time to install your new bathroom granite countertops. Make sure that   the cabinet. The next step is to install the sink. In this stup, adhesive strips are needed to secure the sink to the new countertop. After the sink is set, check again whether the adhesive strips work. The final step of the installation is to hook the plumbing.


The Cleaning Techniques of Granite Countertops

After your install the countertop, it will be ready to use. Regular use may cause the countertop become dirty. Of course you have to clean it regularly to keep its look and durability. To clean the granite countertops, first of all, you need to buy Marble Cleaner, Method Granite, or Marbamist spray cleaner. Those cleaners are specifically designed to clean granite. Apply the cleaner to the whole surface of the countertops and leave it for several minutes. Finally rub the countertop and wash it using flowing water. To always look like new, seal the bathroom granite countertops every year.

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