January 28, 2022

A Must Have List in Designing a House for New Couple

Perhaps, at this time there are so many ideas in your head. However, you should begin step by step in decorating your dream home together. Well, what you need to prepare?
For those of you who have not had an idea, here is a list, Who knows, this list can help you create a cozy home for your new family.
Make an attractive entrance
You could put a small seat near the entrance of your home. This little seat can be used by a guest or you when  taking off and wearing shoes. In addition, you can also use paint with bright colors to give a “statement” in the entrance of your home.

Have a unique work of art
You can display photos, paintings, sculptures, or your own homemade decorations. Besides, there’s no wrong in buying a painting or displaying modern decorations in your home.

Provide a unique storage
Have a special place to store your collection of books. Choose a simple design that is able to mix with the other decorations in your home. Of course, you need to choose a unique design.

Give certain accent
Special accent of course you need to differentiate between your home with someone else’s house or neighbor. Provide items that can provide a “statement” for your home. These items are large enough bias or unusual shaped as a style of your home. One example of this is stuff like chandeliers.

Make sure the kitchen is well organized
Choose simple kitchen design , but you can make clean them with ease. With the kitchen neat and organized, your activity in this room can be done more easily and comfortably.

Comfortable area for dining
In this place, you will spend a lot of time to talk and plan everything. For those of you who have limited space in the house, you can combine the living area and a dining room with a kitchen or dining room.
Bringing together some of the functions in one room does not always make use of the room uncomfortable. The most important thing is to create an atmosphere that makes the communication is always maintained, and happiness in the family.

Create an inspired workspace
When just starting build a family, there are many new things you will face with your partner. It is important for you both to create an environment that is able to let go of stress and fatigue.
Of course, a special work for yourself you can use for purposes other than work. Make this room as the creative world for you!

Enjoyable living room
In addition to the study, the presence of an Enjoyable living room is also very necessary. Make sure your family room can reflect your personal style and your partner. in addition to aesthetics, the comfort factor is needed here.

Bedroom that makes you feel at home
As the privacy space, you certainly will also come first in the comfort of this room. The most important thing to note here is, avoid the opportunity for piling stuff in your bedroom.

Make a neat cupboard
From the beginning, you can decide to make a neat cupboard. Make sure your cupboard can accommodate a lot of clothes. In addition, you can also try “develop” in the future.

Create a character bathroom
In addition to the bedroom, the bathroom is a room that is very important. Not just for you and your partner, but also for guests that will be visiting your home. Always remember, the comfort and cleanliness of the bathroom will represent your personality and your couple. You can show a distinctive character in this room, both in terms of color and material.

Do not forget the open space
If you still have space in the garden or yard, you should not forget to create an “open space” (outdoor). Make sure you and your couple are able to maintain the health of your home by exercising here. You can also just sit and enjoy breakfast together.

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