January 28, 2022

3 Simple Way in Designing Small Bathroom

Creating bathroom should consider many things, especially with limited space. Be sure to prioritize the things that are important.

Small bathroom with space limitation requires you to sort any facilities required. Here are three simple ways arranging small bathrooms that need attention:

1. choosing wall
If your bathroom has limited space, so make sure to use a bright wall colors. You can also add a mirror on the wall to give the airy effect.

2. Prioritize shower
Prioritizing shower, toilet, and sink to fill your bathroom. Other facilities would be included, noting the availability of space in order not to make the room more cramped.

3. installing accessories

Make your bathroom look more appealing with the addition of accessory wall. the Only things, you need to adjust the composition of the room so that bathroom did not look full. Prioritize space accessory which  giving the effect of therapy, such as therapy candles or aromatherapy

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